Acetate or cellulose acetate is a natural polymer that was discovered in 1865 and developed by the Swiss brothers Camille & Henri Dreyfus in the early 20th century. Briston collaborates with the worldwide leader for acetate in Italy, Mazzucchelli, to make its own acetates and colors.

This «plastic» material comprises 70 % plant and cotton fiber. It is a natural material, both biodegradable and hypoallergenic. This material is particularly valued for high-quality eyewear.


The blocks of acetate are worked crafted in a time-honored fashion, dedicated process. They are mixed, dried and cut into rectangular slabs.

Then they are heated, soldered, cut and filed into shape. A long polishing process is then carried out over 4 days in a barrel with wooden logs and finally a manual polishing to give it its look, shine and feel before it is assembled with the other components of Briston watches.


Innovative material which allows a plenty of scope for creativity.

A peerless rendering that is sensual to the touch and highly resistant over time.

Some watches, such as the “tortoise shell” watches, are unique because the pattern cannot be reproduced mechanically.

photo montre écaille avec plaques acétate