Take a look at the frequently asked questions.

If you still can’t find the answer to your questions, send us an e-mail to the customer service:

What if I have not received an order confirmation?

Your order confirmation is sent to your e-mail address directly when your order is placed. You can check if the e-mails are not in your spam box or also see your order if you log in to your user account. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact customer our service.

Which countries do you deliver?

Briston delivers its watches all over the world. If your country is not in the list, please contact us:

What is the shipping cost?

Briston offers free standard shipping worldwide from 100€ of purchase and 19€ or 29 USD for Express delivery.

What is the delivery time?

Find all the details for delivery time by zone on the page of shipping. Delays indicated are an average.

Do I have to pay customs duty and VAT outside the EU?

If you order outside the EU, VAT and customs duty have to be paid in your homeland.

Both VAT and customs duty differs between countries and we advise you to contact your customs office for more information.

Universal import duty & tax calculator, click here.


If you ordered your watch and straps on Briston’s website, you should return them, at your cost, with the return form asked by e-mail at :

For any watch purchase from an authorized Briston dealer, please first contact him who will proceed with the return.

How to do repair my watch?

For all repairs not covered by the 2-year Briston warranty, you should contact a professional watchdealer or contact by e-mail our customer service that will evaluate the cost of the repair or give you the repair procedure :

For example, a broken glass will cost between 51€ and 75€ (incl. tax), it depends on the glass. The shipping to the customer service is at your cost.

How long time to repair my watch?

It takes between 10 and 15 working days for a watch to be repaired and to be delivered.

How to change the battery of my watch?

All our watches with quartz movements are equipped with a standard battery which is available worldwide.

We recommend that you contact a professional watchdealer to change the battery on your watch and check the water resistance as well when he changes it.

What is the size of the straps?

Our Briston watches have 3 widths of strap: 20, 18 or 12 mm.

  • 20 mm for Clubmaster Classic, Sport, Vintage, Iconic, GMT et Diver,
  • 18 mm for Clubmaster Chic
  • 12 mm for Clubmaster Lady

And we offer 2 lengths for the NATO strap in 20 mm : 280 mm, it is the genuine NATO strap to do a return in the loop, and 245 mm, more classic strap.

Can I buy a watch with a different strap?

All our watches and straps have been designed to create the best look by our designers. Currently, we do not offer to our customers to buy a watch with a personalized strap. If you want to change the look of your watch with another strap, you have to buy an extra strap.

Where can I find the instructions manual?

All instructions manuals can be downloaded in PDF from this Page.

Why the chronograph hand is not running permanently?

Do not confuse the chronograph hand and the second hand on the HMS model.

Our chronograph model has a mechanism with 2 counters so the chronograph hand is used to calculate a time. Thereby the hand only works when the upper button is pushed.

Be careful, when the chronograph hand is running constantly your watch is not water resistant anymore and the lifetime of your battery (for the quartz movement) will be reduced.

The chronograph hand does not return to 0?

1- You just have to pull the crown at the maximum position

2- Press several times on the upper Chronograph pusher until the central hand arrive at 56 / 57 seconds

3- Press once the down Chronograph pusher

4- Then press again on the upper Chronograph pusher in order to centralize the central Chronograph hand at 12 o’clock and push back the crown against the case.

How to adjust my Milanese mesh strap?

Here is a diagram that explains you how to adjust your Milanese mesh band in a few minutes.


Can I swim with my Briston watch ?

Here is what is allowed to do with your Briston watch :


How to install your Velcro strap ?

Here is a guide to how install your Velcro strap on your Briston watch :Install your Velcro strap - Briston