Because time passes quickly, and because sometimes it’s just the right moment for a change of course, and because you really have to follow your dreams, Brice Jaunet created his own brand of watches after 15 years in the watchmaking industry.

During those years, he worked in both the world’s largest watchmaking groups, starting with Richemont, where he worked at Cartier. He then worked for Baume & Mercier and continued his career internationally at Raymond Weil. He eventually joined LVMH Group as Export Director for the Zenith brand, then as Vice-President International Marketing. He then assumed the management of the brand in France.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit since early childhood and the legacy of his grandfather Jacques, co-founder of the NewMan brand in 1967, Brice has always nursed the ambition of bringing his creativity to life.

So in 2012 he set out with several Swiss designer friends to create a watch brand that reflected his personality, his thoughts and his research. Brice Jaunet wanted to create a beautiful and authentic yet affordable timepiece.

His student days in Oxford, his passion for sport and his taste for travel give the Briston brand its sporty, chic and slightly quirky spirit.

Brice Jaunet, CEO & fondateur de Briston - son univers


Briston is a French brand born out of a very British spirit.

From the dreaming spires of Oxford and Cambridge and from boat races gliding past cricket pitches and polo fields, this sporty chic spirit has been the epitome of British style since Queen Victoria. This chic yet casual lifestyle and its occasional quirkiness was also a great inspiration for the “preppy” style that originated in the Ivy League universities on the east coast of the United States.

It is this spirit, combined with its watchmaking DNA, that gives Briston its unique style.

Working with innovative materials, such as cellulose acetate, and colours give Briston watches their distinctive look.

Briston also offers the perfect balance between a contemporary “timepiece” and a chic accessory – casual but resolutely and thoroughly accessible.