L'Amateur de Cigare, July/August 2017 - Clubmaster Diver Acetate Automatic HMS Date with Navy blue dial

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VSD 5th July 2017 - Clubmaster Classic Acetate Chronograph date sunray Navy blue dial

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Cluél Magazine in Japan, July  2017 - photo shooting with Clubmaster Classic Acetate Chronograph Alpine Hunter.

Selected by The Good Life, July 21st, 2017 - Clubmaster Vintage Acetate Chronograph with grey dial and NATO strap. Click here to see

Men's Non-No, Japanese magazine - July 2017 - Clubmaster Vintage Steel Small Second and black dial 

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Sport & Style Magazine - July 2017 - Clubmaster Diver Acetate Automatic HMS grey dial

Valeurs Actuelles magazine- 27th July 2017-  with the Clubmaster Diver Acetate Automatic HMS Navy blue dial watch.

Test 4th August 2017 with the Clubmaster Diver Automatic HMS in the specialized blog lepetitpoussoir.fr. Click here to read

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Advertising Briston in Air France Magazine in July and August 2017

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